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November 2005
Darth Cupcake
Tue, Nov. 15th, 2005 09:57 am

Movies I Watched Last Night:

  1. Resident Evil: Apocalypse: Zombies, Milla Jovovich kicking butt, Milla Jovovich's boobies, explosions, cute little puppies... What more could a movie need? Er, I was joking about the cute puppies part. Also, the boobies.
    Rating: Guilty pleasure/Need the DVD.

  2. Catwoman: I thought I'd give this movie a chance because, well, I heart Benjamin Bratt. Well... I don't completely regret watching it..?
    Rating: Maybe If There's Nothing Else On. Maybe.

  3. Elecktra: Meh. Seriously.
    Rating: What a Waste.

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Darth Cupcake
Mon, Nov. 14th, 2005 12:52 pm

My three-year-old neice was laying on my belly earlier and after bouncing up and down on my full belly and investigating my bra (what's that? You can't have a bra, you're the biggest girl in the world!), she gave me an evil look and then started humping me.

Katie said she's been doing that a lot lately...

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Darth Cupcake
Mon, Nov. 14th, 2005 12:15 am

You know how grown-ups used to talk about time passing faster when you're old? Enjoy your youth, you're getting older all the time. You know how you used to sneer and dismiss the whole matter?

Well, it's true. It's all true. Who knew?

God damn it. I don't want to be a grown-up anymore!

When did I stop being a kid? I don't feel twenty-three. I'm afraid that the next thing I know I'll be thirty.

I fear stagnation.

I need a change.

Stupid inertia.

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Darth Cupcake
Sat, Nov. 5th, 2005 10:58 am

Twin and I left home this morning at 7:30. It's nearly eleven at night now, and we've just gotten home. And oh my god, am I ever tired.

Katie picked us up this morning and we headed to Denny's to meet our mother for breakfast. Monkey was strange as usual and assigned everybody an animal species. I was a horse. She was a chicken.


After we ate, my mom changed in the parking lot. Twin announced that that sort of thing is why she left a 50% tip. I wondered why the waiter would care.

Then we were off to Barnes & Noble. I love that place. I got a copy of Stardust to add to my Neil Gaiman collection and some sort of strange Lord of the Rings fake tarot gift set. It is nifty, oh yes. And oh-so-geeky.

We went to Walmart. They had these Star Wars Pez dispenser sets and I wanted one so bad. They were $15, though, and I couldn't convince Twin to buy it for me. We did get Revenge of the Sith, though, so it was okay. We were there until noon-thirty or so, then we took Twin to Melanie's work so they could go to a movie. I went to Katie's house instead.

We played The Simpsons Wheel of Fortune for a while. The only two puzzles I solved were "Duff" and "Seymour Skinner." Melanie and Twin finally got there at around 4, each carrying a brand new copy of Jarhead by... whoever it's by.

Geeks, I tell you.

Dad stopped by and left, Mom came and took the Monkey away.

And then we all watched (and critiqued) gay military porn for a while ("Yes, I like your cock, SIR! Please come on my face, SIR! Thank you for the privilege, SIR!") and Melanie drew a diagram to show the placement of her genital piercing. Katie drew in the location of her scar.

Ow. Ow ow ow. The idea of TEARING during childbirth almost makes me never want to have kids.

Almost. I learned today I'm genetically predisposed towards early menopause. Damn it. I should like, get busy. Or something.


I penciled in the placement of my pool injury scar. It's on the same side as Katie's, although in a different location. Melanie was horrified that my injury was bad enough to actually scar.

Dude, I told you it was deep. Yeesh. I wasn't hopping around with my hands between my legs in full view of a busy city street because it was like, mildly unpleasant.

Eventually, all this talking of naughty bits lead us to reminisce about our childhood and the lies our mother told us growing up.

When my sisters and I were very young, young enough that all four of us could still take a bath in the tub at once, we discovered that if we touched our clitorises (clitori?) it would make our legs twitch. We didn't do this for any sort of sexual reason of course, it was just very, very funny. We went to our mom to ask her what those little button-things were.

She told us they were the other end of our tongues. What the fuck? This led to the very strange mental picture of human anatomy that I had for many years.

Now, if it was just me remembering this I'd be sure I dreamt it up somehow, but no. We all remember.

My mother, of course, denies it.

She also refuses to admit that she told us the Golden Girls were really men.

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Darth Cupcake
Wed, Nov. 2nd, 2005 12:35 am

Flickr Photo

Cutie.  Not cootie.

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Darth Cupcake
Tue, Oct. 25th, 2005 03:41 pm

1. Who are you?

2. Have we ever met?

3. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

4. Describe me in one word.

5. What reminds you of me?

6. If you could give me anything, what would it be?

7. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?

8. Are you going to put this on your weblog and see what I say about you?

9. What do you love like a fat kid loves cake?

10. What makes you come back here?

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Darth Cupcake
Sun, Oct. 23rd, 2005 05:00 pm


I asked my sister Melanie to cut my hair Friday night and she was nice enough to do it for me. She asked me how long I wanted it and I was my normal, decisive self.

"I don't know, ear length?"

"Are you sure?" She asked, sounding faintly horrified.

No. "I don't know, I guess."

"Are you sure you want it that way?"

"I don't know, do whatever."

"I wonder how you'd look with a pageboy. I wonder if I can do a pageboy."


Yeah, so... now I have a pageboy haircut. Sort of. O_O Oh, the horror. It's not too bad, though, now that I've gotten a little more used to having bangs again and everything. Although I keep seeing a moving something through my eyelashes and over my eyebrows and get freaked out briefly until I remember that that's what it is.

I was using that hair to hide behind in social situations, though, damn it!

More behind the cut for you masochists who want to see my ugly face some more. Oooh, and also? Some Bingo and a preview of the picture I'm working on.

I have the crappiest web cam ever.

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Darth Cupcake
Tue, Oct. 11th, 2005 10:00 pm

20 days left until NaNoWriMo and I haven't gotten any farther than the vague idea that my book should be about space pirates.

outbox and I have been making plans, though.

The problem I'm having right now is that I can't think of space related things without thinking of Firefly.  Damn it.  Someone sent me a couple of DVDs of the episodes and it is greatness.  I'm not really surprised because it IS Joss, but yeah. Mwahaha!

I need to see Serenity so badly...

Stupid on-the-mind TV show! Must... think...  Gah!

Speaking of TV, I really, really love My Name is Earl.  :D

I've changed the colors and added a header image for my layout.  New icon goodness, too, oh yes.

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Darth Cupcake
Wed, Oct. 5th, 2005 12:01 pm

Head in the Non-Existent Clouds

It's a very clear day, okay! I'm not just too lazy to make clouds. *cough*

Based on a photo by Mumbo-Stock.

Wallpaper and close-ups at my my site

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Darth Cupcake
Mon, Oct. 3rd, 2005 11:34 am

Johnny Depp Number Whatever

For close-ups and wallpaper, go to my site and what-not...

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